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Most homeowners have never worked with an architect before and could do with a bit more information on what to expect when working with an Architect. Many building professionals are interested to about what types of buildings and the range of services are offered by an architect. The following categories have been provided to try and make the relevant information readily available so the options and process of working with us easy to get familiar with and understand.

Architectural Services Options
The descriptions below are intended to help demystify the services offered by an Architect through the whole design and construction process. Anthrosite offer a range of services and consultancy options to best suite all our clients’ needs.

Anthrosite categories of consultancy

Option A is a design only service.
This is the most economical option when it comes to our fees. You engage us to resolve your brief and provide a design solution for your project only. From there you can choose how you wish to proceed with your project’s approvals and documentation.

Option B incorporates both design and authority approval documentation.
This option is often selected by building industry professionals who want to manage their own building process. This service allows a knowledgeable client to be flexible on detail items negotiating the resolution and design detailing of the building with the selected Building Contractor or as an Owner/ Builder.

Option C is a full design, documentation and project management services.
This option is traditionally the most common service option for which Architects are engaged. In this process Anthrosite are engaged to guide and assist the development of your build from start to finish.

Option D incorporates all services covered by option C, and includes landscape design, furniture selection/design and additional design modeling (scaled physical model and 3D illustrative renderings).
This option is immersive and intended to provide you with a compellingly complete look across your project. It allows for the complete design of your project which means we will guide and assist you so that everything belongs together and compliments each other. From the living room sofa to the character of the landscaping. Imagery will be produced to assist you in visualising and decision making at all key stages.

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