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Whitebridge House – Concrete Slab Sample Pad

Whitebridge House – Concrete slab sample pad

Our clients have always been excited by the prospect of polished concrete floors and in-slab heating in their home. During the design phase we explored various proprietary options currently available on the market. Unfortunately, in a small regional market like Newcastle, options are limited.

With the assistance of Nathan Branz from Hanson, we explored our mix options. Two items are of partially importance in specifying the design intent required: The ‘paste’ colour and aggregate.

We chose to explore a cost effective design by excluding the use of off-white and white cements and added pigments. Instead focusing on the inclusion of slag cement as a portioned replacement to the base gladstone cement to achieve a ‘lighter’ paste colour that the standard grey cement typically delivers. For the aggregate we choose a locally quarried quartz Marangaroo; based on the colour relationship with selected Bowral Blue bricks (Austral) and ironstone paving slabs.

Prior to the main installation, we specified the requirement of a sample pad for client approval. A number of sample pads were installed; and a number for free as the concrete sub-contractor; Abercrombie Concreting were keen to use an alternative supplier. Thanks Steve! The pads were also installed with the specified brass angle strip. A key control joint detail.

The samples pads allowed not only quality control but also an opportunity to confirm the appearance of the exposed aggregate. From the samples, the polished concrete subcontractor; Newcastle Polished Concrete cut the pads allowing three options to selected from: Full exposure, ‘Salt and Pepper’ exposure and Nil exposure. Full exposure was the winner!

Whitebridge 01 concrete sample 01

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