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Whitebridge House – Brick Screen Sample Wall

Whitebridge House – Brick Screen Sample Wall


Being prepared for the unexpected is an unfortunate reality in the construction process. 

Our builder Evan Graham Master Builder began working with a local bricklayer, constructing the brick sample wall to prototype elements of the brick detailing. After building the sample wall the bricklayer won a larger job elsewhere and was no longer available for the project. 

From this unexpected event, together with Evan we began another process of enquiry. Leading initially to our friends in Brisbane Elvis and Rose who lead us to Matthew Oates Brickslayer a solo bricklayer and true craftsmen. 

We enjoy and seek good collaborations. In working with good craftsmen/trades people a superior end product can be achieved. 

Whitebridge brick sample 2

Whitebridge brick sample 3

Whitebridge brick sample 4

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