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Beach Walk Structures

Beach Walk Structures

On hearing about the proposal for a set of new structures that would be utilised along the stretch of Newcastle coastline called Bathers Way we assembled a proposition of how the structures could be materially conceived of, located and function together to provide a sense of continuity across a range of conditions and functions. The images below are extracted from the proposal.

The proposed design is developed from the structure of the fences that have ribboned around the coastline for as long as most of us can remember.Bathersway existing fences
Bathersway assemby diagramThe basic assembly of the fence is deconstructed and subtly manipulated with one edge of each shade batten in colour to demonstrate the gentle rolling motion of the structure.

Bathersway portal structurePortal structures provide a rest point along the long pathway providing a marker of the boundaries between the different beaches and suburbs.

Bathersway bus stopBus Stops provide an essential piece of the infrastructure that provides the community with easy access the area.


Bathersway Lookout structureSteep inclines and rugged outcrops have resulted in whale watching and hang-glider observation points that require amenity.

Bathersway picnic structurePicnic centres able to accommodate large groups and barbecue facilities was noted as one of the structures currently utilised in the area.

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