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Anthrosite Office Fitout

Anthrosite Office Fitout

Anthrosite Office space is part of Renew Newcastle. We think Renew is great and are very pleased/proud to be able to participate is such a pioneering idea. The difficulty for those who take a Renew space is that when you move in you know that if a commercial tenant wants the space you might only be there a month. As a result  Renew tenants don’t want to focus too much on the base building upgrades but rather on a movable kit of parts that you could take with you and adapt to a new location.

anthrosite_existing collage

This is about as clear an image as we can give you of the space we inherited, it is one of six  little offices which are virtually the same all in a row. The great thing about this space is not just a position in the heart of Newcastle CBD but also that we have had a number of really interesting neighbours that we are unlikely to have met otherwise. The bare truth of this suite of rooms is that they are incredibly dull without their interesting occupants.

We started the design with a few key requirements and ideas:

  1. The layout had to be flexible to have a one or two/three people mode which would be defined by a table location.
  2. We wanted to use the waste offcuts of the flooring timbers we got from Australian Solar Timbers for furnishing.
  3. We needed something with warmth and life to it. The common walls are paper weight structure and sort of out of bounds to use so we turned our attention to the ceiling space as a zone we could use to improve the atmosphere.
  4. Storage, layoff space and casual seating were all required so a multi use object to accommodate these needs.

The conclusion we arrived at was materially…

antrosite_board + pegA floor board and a peg describe the bulk of this little fitout. The only additions are a timber frame for the window recess and some cork tiles for a simple pin board wall.


anthrosite_office diagramDiagrammatically the space is simple. The table is designed to be housed either connecting into the window recess or the bench over the print/copy recess. The storage bench has a fold down front to access all the essentials whilst the top is both a seat for drop in visitors and a layoff space.



anthrosite_peg 1The timber clothes peg ceiling was conceived for ease of construction as well as atmosphere. A peg placed on a bit of bird net sounds so simple, and in truth that part is simple. The difficulty comes in placing over 6000 pegs in a weekend and the process on manipulating such an unruly monster as a bit of net that is loaded up with about 40kg of pegs into the desired shape.


anthrosite_storage 1

Anthrosite_office arrange 1


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