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Watt Street Pavement Concept

Watt Street Pavement Concept

In 2014 Newcastle City Council invited submissions to create a night time attraction in Watt Street. The brief asked for illuminations and video projections to enhance the night time environment over a two year period, within a $290k budget and display historical stories from the area.

Our analysis of the area both day and night time lead us to believe that to unify the street and create the sort of attraction that would make a significant difference to the atmosphere of the area a more radical intervention would be required. From observations of the existing footpath conditions our response to the brief was to propose a solution capable of unifying Watt Street as a territory in both day and night modes.

Our concept focused on the use of high visibility reflective surfaces (like those used in road safety) on the ground plane. The surface would have a ripple effect as headlights of cars passed down the street or  as pedestrians passed by points of illumination. Working with a local business Hi Vis we developed a proposal capable of dealing with the constraints… maybe next time.


Watt St Pavement studyThe pavement of Watt Street, not the most consistent of ground planes, clearly in need of a rethink/upgrade.


Watt St Pavement concept 01Concept image of how the strips of high visibility film can be utilised to depict silhouetted stories.

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