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Whitebridge House – Timber Samples Weathering

Whitebridge House – Timber samples Weathering

After more than a year of exposure on this coastal site we have a pretty clear idea of how the timber finishes tested will stand up to the elements….if the timber is to retain some colour for more than a year in this location then Sikkens finish is required.

Timber samples legend

The samples where all properly prepared and installed on site by the Evan Graham Master Builder team, including this great little legend. The samples include Osmo, Cutek, Sikkens and Feast Watson finishes. All finishes are the most neutral/natural look we could find for a piece for external timber from these companies (no decking finishes) but obviously the Sikkens and Feast Watson finishes contain pigments.

Whitebridge 01 timber finishes 01For reference, this is the sample board above when it was new back in the Spring of 2015.

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