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Like so many others, by the time we reach our mid/late thirties we have done the years of “proving yourself” in Architectural practices we respected. We had come to the conclusion that working late nights no longer seemed like an aspirational lifestyle or the right way to use the skills we had been acquiring. Regular holidays in Newcastle (Dana’s home town) made a strong impression. We waited for the stars to align and moved to Newcastle with our fledgling practice to live/work the lifestyle offered by the region; the beginning of Anthrosite (see name anatomy).

We take an interest in many things from refined architectural detailing to basic DIY; From the future of our home town to the pleasure of watching our garden grow. It is a privilege and a goal of ours to be involved with our local communities. We keep in touch with local architectural happenings by our involvement at the University of Newcastle as sessional design tutors in the Architecture program. For four years up until June 2016 we maintained our office in a Renew Newcastle space on the Hunter Street Mall. This has provided us with an introduction to a whole community of fascinating people and businesses also participating in the Renew Newcastle initiative who are making the most amazing stuff! We are also getting to know our residential suburb of Mayfield East (inch by inch) with a few little verge garden ideas etc to capture the imagination of the local residents. These communities are valued by us, having moved cities for professional/educational reasons we have learnt the joy of putting down roots and being part of something.

In 2015 we became three with the birth of our son and became yet another set of besotted parents. There is always to much to do and never enough time to do it……some things we get to, others are in the pipeline whilst a third group are still imaginings. To communicate even a little of our ideas, we have grouped a few interests into our blog headings. We hope it is interesting!

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